Hall of Fame... moi???

Nov 17, 2011

Several months ago I was contacted by an Oberlin resident and longtime teacher in the Oberlin school system.  She informed me that I had been nominated for induction into the first class of the Oberlin Makes A Difference Hall of Fame.  Needless to say, I’m honored.  I’m told that the photos and biographies of the thirty people selected from all of Oberlin High School’s history (dating back to 1879 if you’ll believe!) will hang in the hallways of the school as an inspiration to the current student body.

Below is the list of OMAD nominees, in whose company I am truly honored to be listed!

Charles Martin Hall 1879: Inventor founded ALCOA

Mary Church Terrell 1880: Educator civil rights pioneer

Mary Talbert 1882: Orator, early civil rights leader

Charles Birdseye 1895: Explorer and Topographer

Dr. Ruth Parmelee 1901: Trailblazer doctor in Middle East

George Jones 1916: Botanist, Oberlin College professor

Kenneth Cole 1917: professor, “The Father of Biophysics”

Eva Mae Crosby 1929: Lawyer, teacher, and activist

Charles Parkhurst 1937: Museum Director, curator

Francis Dart 1933: Scientist, international educator

Perry Young 1937: 1st black commercial pilot

Melvern Hoff 1939: Invented synthetic fabric, naturalist

Natalie Hinderas 1943: Concert pianist, professor

William Robinson 1959: Civil Rights litigator

John Cole 1961: Civic leader

Dr. Ted Schettler 1959: Leader in environmental medicine

Greg White 1967: Federal Judge

Amy Gittler 1968: Leading employment rights litigator

Don Treadwell 1978: College football coach

Rick Leshon 1980: professor, author

Dr. Sarah Friebert 1981: Pioneer in palliative care

Lori Ebihara 1983: NCAA official, sports administration

Dean Mason 1983: CEO of HSA Bank

Andre Willis 1983: Yale professor, author

Emily Crawford 1988: Art director “Time Magazine”

Peter Meilaender 1989: Professor and author

Andrea Hsu 1990: Producer of NPR’s “All Things Considered”

Robert Kretchmar 1991: Inventor, entrepreneur

Lura Johnson 1992: Concert pianist

Jeff Lin 1994: Entrepreneur, business innovator

I feel strongly that the arts are a necessary and vital part of communities and of civilization as a whole. It is gratifying to see that artists have been included on this list.

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Lura Johnson